Stop Guessing What Your Optimal Diet Is. Let A Professional Do It.

We’ll generate a nutrition plan personalized just for you within seconds of downloading the app.

Get Notifications When To Fuel Before And After Workouts

Science-based and dietitian approved fueling regimens so you don’t have to be an expert to know what or when to eat.

Food Logging Like You’ve Never Seen It Before

We use a quick 2 step process for determining your caloric intake per meal. Stop spending hours doing tedious data entry; it’s unecessary and distracts you from what’s most important: a balanced diet.

Science-Backed. No Fads. No Tricks.

Despite what the other’s say: you can’t trick your body into acheiveing your nutrition goals. Our service is deep rooted in proven research that has been peer reviewed by the best in the business. We know, because we helped write a few of them.

We Keep Up With The Latest Scientific Research So You Don’t Have To

Our team of scientists and dietitians read (and contribute to) the latest nutrition research, keeping our recommendations up to date and on the cutting edge.

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